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PFL-2015D Lead-free Solder pot
PFL-2015D Lead-free Solder pot

  • PFL-2025D

    Pot size:150*100*70mm

    Power Rated:600W

    Pot capacity:7.5kg

Product Details


1.Using the internal heating mode, the utilization rate of electrical energy is up to 85%, saved a lot of production cost

for the users.

2.Adopt the vacuum tube pipe, make sure the heat pipe works without air oxidation, to extend the life of heating element.

3.Multiple heating tube built-in the pot,make heat transfer uniform, warming faster, stable and high efficiency.

4.Military level titanium tin slot, the purity is over 99.7%,more corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, greatly

increased long service life.

5.Temperature control adopts PID microcomputer control, accurate temperature control, little error,digital display directly. 


Products Name:Lead-free Solder pot
Power Supply:AC220V/110V
Power Rated:
Plug Type:European plug/USA plug/Australia plug 
Pot Material:Titanium Alloy
Internal Demension:
Package Content:1 Solder Pot

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