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PFL200 Automatic round bottle labeling machine
PFL200 Automatic round bottle labeling machine

    • PFL200
    • Bottle diameter:20~100mm

      Label width:10~150mm

      Label length:15~200mm

      Label roll:min 75mm


Product Details


Full automatic vertical labeling machine for round bottles

1. Applicable scope,can meet 20-100 mm diameter range of cylindrical considerate scale

2. High accuracy of labeling of + / - 1.0 mm

3. High speed,automatic labeling throughout the whlole working
4. Adopt step motor and micro computer to control,touch interface,easy and fast

5.Adopt T6 Aluminum alloy and SUS304 stainless steel production

6.Code printer can be chosen

Apply for:

Widely used in different kinds of industries.Food, medicine, cosmetics, cosmetic, electronic, metal, plastics and other industries.


Drive modeServo motor/Stepper motor
Operation directionfeed from the right   or the left
Labeling speed50-80bottles/min
Available diameter of bottle20mm-100mm
Available bottle height25mm-300mm
Available label sizeWidth:10-150mm,Length:15-200mm
Outter diameter of label roll Max   300mm
Inner diameter of label roll75mm
PowerAC110V/220V   50/60Hz 500W

Working video:

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